Niezgodka Armaturen

Niezgodka Armaturen

The reasons of our company’s success and perpetual growth lie in
our hard work and our expertise!

Since 1967 Niezgodka has specialised in the production of stainless steel pressure reducing, pressure control and pressure relief valves. manufactured from rust and acid resistant materials their fittings have been exported to all parts of the world.




  • NIEZGODKA 1 Series Over Flow Relief Valves
  • NIEZGODKA 31 Inline Flanged Relief Valves
  • NIEZGODKA 70 SKS Hygienic Pressure Reducing Valves





  • NIEZGODKA 70 SMK Hygienic Pressure Reducing Valves
  • NIEZGODKA 91 Vacuum Relief Valves
  • NIEZGODKA 90 Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves


Product Videos

Montage Typ 70
Assembly of Safety Valve Type 50
Assembly of Safety Type 10 Head_C