Leading the way for over 20 years, PMAX has the right pressure system solution for your business. We pride ourselves on finding the right fit for your business.

Our team provide a wide variety of services and will to talk you through all pressure system requirements. Working together with an Australian owned and operated company with over 20 years product experience and onsite product champions in Rupture Disc, Safety Valve and Explosion Vents, we bring valuable knowledge to your business.

Let us help you create product sizing and offer you the best in pressure system product selections.

Areas we can assist you with:

  • Combustible Dust Risk Assessment in accordance with AS4745:2012
  • Combustible Dust Analysis: Kst, Pmax, MEC, MIE, LOC and MIT
  • Explosion Vent Sizing Calculations and Reports
  • Safety Valve and Rupture Disc Sizing and Selection Reports
  • Intelligent Monitoring of Safety Valves, Rupture Discs and Pressure Relief Systems
  • Ensuring safety valves are leak free
  • Retrofitting or up-grades to older equipment
  • Installation and Commissioning